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Expect the unexpected. Monitor all activity, protect yourself from hacks, recover from lost or forgotten passwords, and more with Webacy's unique product suite.
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Risk Score

Do you know how susceptible your wallet is? Knowledge is power - and helps us stay safe.
Powered by Webacy's proprietary algorithm, our Risk Score product analyzes several key data points to tell you how risky your wallet is so you can take proactive steps to protect your assets.
Soon you'll be able to view a risk assessment on each transaction you've taken, giving you further insight into your activity patters and safety on-chain.
Webacy Risk Score is also available for enterprise integrations.

Wallet Watch

Start your security journey by setting up Wallet Watch. Get notified in real-time of any inbound and outbound activity across all your wallets via SMS & e-mail.
Looking for an enterprise monitoring, risk-mitigation, and transparency solution?

Backup Wallet

Have you ever forgotten a password? Ever lost a seed phrase or private key?
Set up a backup wallet with Webacy in case you lose access to your original wallet. You can set multiple backup wallets and protect as many wallets and assets as you'd like.

Panic Button

In the event of a hack, security compromise, or concern of one, transfer your assets to a backup wallet with a click of the Panic Button.

Crypto Will

What happens to your crypto if you die?
Inheritance and estate planning, albeit morbid, is an important part of life. Make sure your digital assets are passed on safely and security through Webacy's Crypto Will - the best user-friendly, non-custodial on-chain will service out there.


As a reminder, Webacy is non-custodial and no-access (meaning that Webacy does not have control over or access to your private keys or assets, and you have complete control over your funds) services built to improve safety on the blockchain.