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Webacy for Enterprise

You're only as strong as your weakest link.
  • Continuously monitor your company’s treasury and signing wallets
  • Get real-time, intelligent alerts of all activity, including approvals and transfers
  • Get weekly risk assessment reports based on wallet activity
  • Keep your company & project’s assets safe by triggering Panic Button or utilizing SafeRPC (coming soon!)


Monitor activity in real time and get mempool alerts* before transactions are written on the blockchain
Get alerts to multiple email addresses; verify who receives notifications through Google apps authentication
Receive notifications through a webhook* to a private (or public) Discord, Slack, or other channels
Monitor Smart Contract activity for your own internal smart contracts, or any contracts that matter to your organization

Risk Reports

Receive regular risk reports powered by our proprietary algorithm that assesses activity, age of wallet, associated wallet risk (wallets your wallets have interacted with), Government lists, private databases (Chainalysis, Chainabuse), Smart Contract vulnerabilities of those you’ve interacted with (GoPlus+), and more.
For the full Webacy Risk Score for Enterprise, check out this page.

Risk API

Leverage Webacy's powerful Risk Score engine to bring actionable insights into your organization, wallets, or services for end users.

Take Action

Recommended Actions Provided - suggest steps to mitigate risk in real-time, or through weekly reports
Abstracted Wallets - generate as temporary signers during periods of heightened security
Expired Wallets - offer recommendations when a wallet has “expired” or should no longer be used for corporate uses
Trigger the Panic Button - for treasury wallets as a last resort
Queue treasury transactions in SafeRPC (coming soon!)
Integrations - use Wallet Watch Pro continuous risk data to help underwrite parametric insurance plans
Monitor Your First Wallet Free
To learn more, talk with a Webacy Representative in our Discord or email us at [email protected].