Phase Three: Popular Grimmies Mint

Status: Not Started
In Phase Three, we release our allowlisted Popular Grimmies. There will be 7,000 Popular Grimmies available. Popular Grimmies receive all of the same benefits as Early Grimmies (except for early access to new features). By owning a Popular Grimmie, you can access the Webacy Platform to setup your profile and begin creating your digital legacy and set up your web3 protection plan.
I am a Popular Grimmie. I'm hard to get.
Popular Grimmie NFT Holders (3,001-4,000):
Owning multiple Grimmies grants multiple free updates per year (i.e., own 2 = 2 free updates).
  • Receive special benefits and access to all Webacy features (except early access to beta features).
  • Receive access to our exclusive Webacy/Grimmies Discord channel, company alpha, IRL events, and much more.
  • Receive first protection plan free and one free update per year, per Grimmie.
Mint Details:
Supply: 1,000
Limit: Unlimited per wallet, 5 per TXN
Contract: ERC-721A
Mint Price: 0.028 ETH
Mint Date: sold out
Reveal: Instant