Webacy Pricing Tiers

Webacy Pricing Tiers:

Webacy has multiple pricing tiers to make sure there is an option that works for everyone. Grimmies holders will always have special pricing privileges and Webacy-related perks for life. This page details the structure and benefits of each pricing tier.

💳 Subscription

Users with web3 assets (tokens, NFTs, etc) will choose their pricing plan based on how much they think they will use Webacy. When you first create your "protection plan" with Webacy, you choose what NFTs and tokens you want to protect. Eventually (and inevitably), you'll find yourself with more NFTs and tokens in the future. When this happens, you'll need to update your protection plan. Each pricing tier gives you a certain number of updates per year. Don't worry - if you run out, you can always top-up.
  • 0.08 ETH (Lite Tier) - 2 updates per year
  • 0.2 ETH (Basic Tier) - 6 updates per year
  • 0.5 ETH (Premium Tier) - unlimited updates per year
🤝 Project or Enterprise
Season Pass - We've partnered with high-tier projects to bring you Season Pass, Webacy's partnership program. If a user holds any of our partner tokens, or is a user of a partner product / service, they will have free access to Webacy for a limited time.
Enterprise - We have enterprise options for companies with specific needs or want to offer Webacy services to a large group. Please contact us for more information.

💀 Grimmie Holders

Grimmies are the NFT access token to Webacy. Holding a Grimmie grants the user access to all of Webacy's products. Webacy will be free for Grimmie holders for the first year. Each subsequent year, holders will receive one free update per year, per Grimmie. For example, if I own 5 Grimmies, I get 5 free updates per year.
Webacy pricing can vary and is subject to change