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What are Grimmies?

Grimmies are the access pass to Webacy, a company building a safer web3 for all. We believe technology should be used to make our web3 lives safer and easier.
Webacy is the platform to protect your crypto for the unexpected - including loss of access (like losing your seed phrase), vulnerabilities (like phishing scams), and even death. Our products include a backup wallet, a panic button, a crypto will, and much, much more.
Owning a Grimmie is an immense responsibility and privilege. All owners of Grimmies will have early access to the Webacy product and pricing privileges for life. They will also have access to our exclusive Discord channel with estate and tax planning experts on-hand to answer your toughest questions. Grimmies holders will also get preferred access to new features, IRL events, and all future utility.
Disclaimer: The purpose of this litepaper is to provide more information about Webacy & the Grimmies NFT Collection. Nothing in this litepaper should be interpreted as financial advice. Webacy & the Grimmies NFT Collection is a fast-growing project and information and/or statements in this litepaper may be subject to change.
Last modified 1yr ago