Phase One: Early Grimmes Mint

Status: Sold Out
In Phase One, we released our allowlisted Early Grimmies. There were 1,000 Early Grimmies available. We recognize Early Grimmies as our early adopters. Our top priority is creating value for them - first and foremost, by delivering early access to Webacy features and exclusive support during onboarding. Early Grimmies are the backbone of all Grimmies and get priority access to all future Grimmie utility.
I am an Early Grimmie. I have been here since day 1.
Early Grimmie NFT Holders (First 1,000):
  • An allowlist of 1,000.
  • Receive special benefits and early access to all new and future Webacy features.
  • Receive access to our exclusive Webacy/Grimmies Discord channel, company alpha, access to IRL events, and much more.
  • Receive first protection plan free and one free update per year, per Grimmie.
Mint Details:
Supply: 1,000
Allowlist: 1,000
Limit: 1 per wallet
Contract: ERC-721A
Mint Price: FREE
Mint Date: Sold Out
Reveal: Instant