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Grimmies Information

Why own a Grimmie?

All Grimmie Owners will have early access to the Webacy product and pricing privileges for life. Grimmies owners also get access to a private holder's Discord channel, priority access to new Webacy features, access to IRL events, and any future utility the company creates.
The following sections dive a bit deeper into Grimminomics.
Grimmies are the protectors of your web3 wallet

What are the Grimmie Mint Phases?

  • Phase 1: Early Grimmies (First 1,000) - holders have early access to all new Webacy features and exclusive support during the onboarding period.
Timeline: June 2022
Status: Sold Out
  • Phase 2: Friendly Grimmies (1,001-3,000) - holders have access to all Webacy features. These Friendly Grimmies are reserved for the company as an allocation that will be distributed over time to investors, partners, and the community.
Timeline: July - August 2022
Status: Complete
  • Phase 3: Popular Grimmies (3,001-4,000) - holders have access to all Webacy features.
Timeline: Nov 2022
Status: Sold Out
Owning a Grimmie grants your first protection plan free and one free update per year per Grimmie.
What is an update? In all of Webacy’s products, the technology involves taking a ”snapshot” of your existing assets in your wallet to protect them (and allow them to be movable by you, in the event of a hack or loss of access). These snapshots are called ”updates” and are part of the cost of using the product. Without a Grimmie, we foresee that regular users of Webacy will have to pay a yearly subscription to receive ”Updates” and, potentially pay a-la-carte.